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Rathbornes / Beyond The Pale

Amlveda Test product

€ 36.00 EUR



‘Deliciously fruity, this candle blends zesty orange peel with a rich smoky undercurrent’

An earthy citrus, rich & inviting.


 Warm top notes of oranges with a blend of black amber and a base scent of birch, fir balsam and Oak wood all combined for a luxuriously rich citrus scent.


Product Information

This piece of luxury, with two equally spaced wicks, which guarantees the best burn, has been hand crafted in Dublin, to create a memorable fragrance that we can indulge our senses anywhere in the home. Our candles are handmade using our unique blend of beeswax & premium essential oils. It has a 40-hour burn time allowing you to indulge in our scents for longer.


Two-Wick Candle, 40 Hour burn time, 190g.
Citrus essential oils have been found to help reduce stress and lift the mood, making this warm and comforting scent a true joy, perfect for an evening entertaining guests.

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